Air Saver Systems

AHR Metals, Inc. is a mechanical contractor specializing in industrial ventilation systems for various industries. The majority of our business is directly related to industrial retrofits or existing system upgrades. AHR averages at least two shutdowns a month in a plant or mill somewhere across the U.S.A., and our personnel are very much aware of the need to meet machine start-ups and deadlines.

  • DuctsPaper mill specialty ventilation systems
  • Pocket vent systems
  • High velocity systems
  • Swing out fans
  • Paper machine containment hoods
  • Hood door systems (repaired or replaced)
  • P.V. systems
  • Air to air heat exchangers
  • Air to water heat exchangers
  • False ceilings
  • Large PipeRoof supply systems
  • Motor cooling systems
  • Control room A.C. systems
  • Control room pressurization and filtering systems
  • Yankee ventilation systems
  • Building ventilation and exhaust systems
  • Air make-up enclosures
  • Trim conveying systems
  • Coils and steam piping
  • Material conveying equipment (pneumatic and belted)
  • Dust collectors