Engineering and Design

Full-Service Mechanical Contractor

DSC00090-300x225Ventilation, Air Handling, and Fume Control: In addition to being a general contractor and fabricator, AHR Metals is a specialist in the design, installation and commissioning of industrial pollution control, ventilation systems, fume control systems and air purification and clean-room environmental systems.

Steel Mill and Non-Ferrous Metals: AHR’s people have the required knowledge of metals industries’ processes to enable us to participate in projects ranging from mill outage modernization projects to large turnkey greenfield projects.

machine-300x224Paper Industry: From the Pulp Mill and Power House to the Machine Room, we specialize in Paper Mill Ventilation Systems for the Hood, Driers, Save-All, Pulper Exhaust, Broke Conveyors, Trim Systems, and on and on and on.

Wood Systems: Chip mill conveyors, chippers, radius stacker cranes, etc.

So no matter what your plans call for, call AHR at (205) 428-8888  for more information or to request a brochure.