Field Installation

FI TowersThe majority of AHR Metals’ present workload is in the pulp, paper, and chemical industries. However, approximately 30% of our overall sales is normally produced through the steel and foundry industries. We maintain a workforce ranging from 80 to 145 employees. Due to the nature of today’s business standards, we try to maintain a workforce of people that is continually being trained and educated toward improving its trade and skill levels. This enables us to utilize our people from year to year without the fear of large annual manpower turnovers. Because of this fact, our quality and overall capabilities are continually progressing. All of our engineering, design, drawing, fabrication, and installation is implemented by our own people. This enables us to meet a more stringent schedule than most of our competitors. Our theory is that if we can monitor and oversee the overall project, then we can schedule and control the outcome with greater accuracy. It is not unusual for us to man a shutdown 1,400 miles away within 24 hours. If you check our references, you will find that they attest to our assertiveness and dependability.

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